Customer Testimonials

“MTLeadMedia has gone above and beyond to provide our company with top quality leads and excellent customer service.  They have great pricing and valuable lead data.  You have made doing our job much easier and we look forward to continuing doing business in the future.”

Sarah N.
Denver, CO
“We have been purchasing leads from MTLeadMedia for a few months now and we couldn’t ask for better service.  They are willing to work with us and our unique needs.  They were able to customize their lead form to meet our specific needs.  Working with them has been a great experience and we would recommend them to anyone.”

Tyler P.
Oakland, CA


Bringing you the highest quality leads, exceptional customer service, and state of the art technology.
Features offers the following benefits to our insurance companies and agents:

    1. Online access to your account 24 hours a day 7 days a week
    2. High quality leads delivered in real time as soon as a customer completes the quote form
    3. No commitments or contracts required in order to purchase leads
    4. The ability to only get the types of leads you want by using our customizable lead filters.  Choose how many leads you would like to receive, from what geographic location, what time of day, etc.
    5. Sophisticated quality control system that reduces the chance that you will receive poor quality leads. 
    6. Our targeted leads will connect you with customers that are ready and willing to buy
    7. Our generous credit policy guarantees that you will not have to pay for any incomplete or inaccurate leads.
    8. A wide variety of different lead types allows you to grow your business in a number of different verticals.
    9. Our detailed lead form includes all of the data you will need to provide an accurate quote.